I have a great big newish water heater. For real newish, not cheap slumlord new. One good thing that came from the flood a few years ago. But for some reason it takes an unusually long time to get to the facets. But I've yet to run out of hot water yet!

Nice change from my last apartment. We didn't even have enough hot water to fill up one bath. And it was an old uninsulated porcelain tub which makes the water get cold quickly. You had to continuously stir the water otherwise it would be hot in the front, and freezing in the back. We didn't have a shower. We all had to take baths at different times of the day so we could all have hot water.

We did eventually get a "shower" right before we moved out. She velcroed a shower head to the drywall. . . . It was connected via these doohickeys at the back of the facet that couldn't withstand the water pressure. Water was constantly spraying out of it, and managed to unscrew the entire facet once


crappydoodles I bought the wrong underwear. they fit fine around the waist, but were designed for women curvier than I. I have no butt. It's sad. I don't even have the good looking no butt. I have a bit of pudge that spilled out of my thighs. And now I have a bunch of saggy panties to emphasize it. That's sadder. Ain't nobody can feel good about wearing saggy panties.