I really do not like this question, I get asked it a lot and it gets my back up.

I live in Australia and our race politics are quite different to America. The number one question I get asked is "wear are you from?" the number 2 question is "what are you?". "Wear am I from?", I'm from Australia. "What am I?" I'm Australian. And if I am with my blond, pale, blue eyed mum I get "Oh, is your dad foreign?"

In Australia we have a concept of what it is to "Ozy" if you fall out side of that image you are seen as an other. Its not meant with malevolence, and its often asked after a compliment, but best intention on a personal level doesn't mean that these questions should be normalised.

In this country unless you are an indigenous Australian at some point your family had to come hear - we are all foreign! You can not normalised one groups residence in this country as normal as the other as abnormal.

We are all out of Africa - there is no such thing as race.