Dusalocks, so glad you had success today! How do you pixie with clips in your hair? Don't the roots get wonky?
Originally Posted by Rustina
Thank you! Me too! Well, no wonkier than usual. My roots are wavy most of the time anyways. (They only curl on me maybe twice a month if I'm lucky. Usually on an optimum curl day.) So yeah it's only 2 inches down they start to really curl. But at least I had good volume. I took alligator clips and grabbed about 1/2 inch section of hair clipped parallel to the scalp, maybe at a slight diagonal angle, and pushed in toward my hair part. Then I took a second clip and secured the first by clipping it perpendicular (standing upright--horizontally) in the middle to secure the first clip. Then I'd cup any given section of curls and bring said section up to the clipped roots, mindful not to disturb them. Maybe held off an inch or so. But still the bump of my cupped curls towards the roots helped with the volume I think. Even when I dipped my head down they didn't come loose and I had 12 clips in my hair altogether. It was very pretty. Going for third day hair tomorrow as per usual as I will probably shower in the evening. We'll see if I can salvage the situation since my hair got a little big and boisterous after my workout this evening.
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