Okay thanks, I'll check a Walmart then. Maybe that Target just ran out? And yes, I likely will go back to the Deva Gel seeing as these other products so far just don't compare unless LALSG wins me over. I got the 32 oz arc anGEL for $40 at the salon that did my Devacut back in October, now that I know from Chloe92us gets it online for only $27 I am thrilled!!!
CG since June 2012
2c/3a mix
High Density, Normal-High Porosity, Medium/Coarse Thickness
Cleansers: DevaCurl "No Poo", Suave Natural Conditioner
LI: One Condition, GVP Conditioning Balm
Stylers: SM Smoothie, DC Arcangel

{Looking for advice on what works well-products or tips/tricks- from similar curly girls!}

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