I remember the inappropriate touch conversation happening at a very early age. 4 or 5.

My dad gave me a sex talk at 15 which went a little something like this, "If you ever get pregnant, don't bother coming home". That was about it, until I opened a discussion with my mom about the 2nd guy I slept with and some resulting drama (long story). My mom was beyond proud of me. She literally lit up and gasped. You slept with ... ?? because he was uber good looking. I laughed hysterically, and realized I could have been talking to openly to her about much more.

We never really had a drinking and drugs talk. Generic "Drugs are bad, mmmmkay?" were the most specific it got to me personally. My dad shared stories from his alcoholic father, and I was let in on slip ups by my older brothers. So it was more learn by example, and make my own mistakes. They did always let us know that we could call them, at any point in time, if we were drunk and needed a way home. There would be no judgement, that night. The next day would be a different story.
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??