I forgot about the period talk. I never had one of those either. I learned everything I needed to know from my classmate, and close friend who started in the 3rd grade. She told mw everything I needed to know. I was still mortified when I started at 12, and did not say anything for some time. I eventually told my mom, and she was shocked that I did not bring it up when it happened. I had been told that getting your period meant you were a woman, by friends, and I was not ready to be a woman.

ETA: My friend really did do an excellent job explaining it to me. Her mom was an early developer, and worked in a medical facility, and did a brilliant job relating it to her. I understood the why's and what to do. With that said, if you are not having the talks, someone else is. :-/
Originally Posted by Fifi.G
It was a good thing you received excellent information from your friend. Before the age of Internet, if your friend or acquaintance gave you bad info (happened a lot back then), you couldn't verify what you had been told.

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