I have no current SO but the last one shocked me. I was used to little to no conversations during work time with others, and he blew up my phone. He texted me non stop, all day or night, every day and night. If I did not respond in a few minutes...

Whats wrong? Are you mad? You're being too quiet.

Goodness. It drove me crazy at first, and then I got used to, and then he said I texted too much. What? Dating in my late 30's feels more like 3rd grade.
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Sounds like a needy guy. Before my current SO, I often went every other day or two between contact with others. With this guy, it's been nearly every day. And he hates texting and doesn't do a lot of email so it's mainly been phone calls. Granted, it's once a day, but I wasn't used to it and for a while, I felt stifled. But then, I'm an introvert and need some time alone. I don't need company constantly like a number of other people do. I'm sure that if he didn't have a job where he got bad reception, we'd be speaking several times a day.
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