i was talking to my dad about these rapes that have been occuring with girls at parties passing out. As a teen he use to throw wild parties where people would get drunk and high and pass out all over the place. I wanted to know if anything like these situation ever happened. He told me never! Girls would pass out and they would be stepped over. No one to his knowledge would think to rape a passed out girl. He doesnt know why the hell those little boys would think to do that. My dad's initial reaction was dad's arent talking to their sons. But i asked my dad, "Did poppop ever talk to you about this?" my dad said, "no, pop just told me if i ever hit a girl i'm going to have to deal with him. The idea of me raping anyone never came up." And you know what? My parents never talked to me about the possibility of being raped at a friends house. In fact they told me i would be safer drinking at a friend's house because you can trust your friends. I have passed out drunk at friends homes and nothing as ever happen. i have had friends pass house and nothing has ever happened. i dont understand why things are changing. I know teens shouldnt be drinking, but they do and they will. My parents knew this so they jsut told me how to be safe, "Always drink in a safe place with people you trust." I trusted my friends. I felt safe with my friends. If i had a child I would have sadi the same thing to her. but these girls made teh horrible mistake in trusting their friends. They thought they could be rebelous teen adn have fun and be safe becasue they were with their "friends." i'm not saying the friends are to be blamed, but where were they when things were going down? And what kind of peoplestands around and take pictures of someone being raped? What is wrong with these people? Is there something in the water that is making people behave this way? its like they dont care about anything or anyone. are people really that different? i jsut dont get it.

im sorry for pratteling on. Im tired and frustrated.