You're right; this story hasn't been covered to the extent that other crimes have been. However, I wouldn't say it hasn't been covered. I've read a few stories about this man since he was charged. To be honest with you, I avoided the stories after the initial hoopla because they made me sick. What he did is not okay. It's gruesome. Also, if I remember correctly, these crimes happened in a poor, primarily minority area, meaning that he took advantage of poor women who felt they had nowhere else to go.

I can't tell you whether there were political motives for not covering the story to the extent that other stories are covered. I can't even say how much of the Fox story is true but I know for a fact that some of it is false. I have seen this story on tv and have read about it online. Given the fact that I don't watch CNN or Fox news, I can say with certainty that it was on a major network.

Aside from the salaciousness of the story and its gruesomeness compared to other stories that get a lot of coverage, I'm curious why this story "deserves" round-the-clock coverage? I'm not saying that this story shouldn't be covered but there are a heck of a lot of stories here locally that don't get covered nationally so why should this one be in the news every day? Why should any story?

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When are women going to face the fact that they donít know their own bodies as well as men who have heard things?

Don Langrick
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