The problem is that I'm Greek. I don't really have access to products and I don't know if I want to order things abroad when I'm not certain that they will work.

Today I applied something that's between a mousse and a gel on soaking wet hair and then plopped. After 20 minutes it sucked and I was frustrated, so I used more of that until my hair became ridiculously crunchy. I SOTC'd without any product and it looks better than it recently has. I really need to figure out how to scrunch every section of my hair, though.
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What a coincidence that you're Greek, because I was just about to suggest you use Greek yogurt as a protein treatment! I actually just did it a few minutes ago when I washed my hair. I applied it at the ends first, then all the way to the roots, after my shampoo and kept it in for a few minutes before rinsing and applying conditioner. It makes my hair feel stronger and although my waves still seem to hang limp like usual (I've yet to find something to help with that), they look a little more defined, as if I put a little gel in my hair.
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