I am 1/4 Central Asian & 1/8 African American. My mother's family is white & my father's family is all the rest, lol.

I don't usually claim "mixed" status, since I am that stereotypical chick mentioned above (light brown hair, golden yellow skin, green eyes) & know full well I benefit from "white privilege", in a way my father never did & never will.

I am proud of my ancestry, but would feel disingenuous claiming to understand the struggle of being a P.O.C., since I am not (generally) treated as one, barring a few racially disparaging terms (octaroon, high yellow) directed at me by old church ladies in the Deep South. Those women were of another era & had no idea they were being offensive, so I let it pass.

I've also had folks--usually men--say I look "exotic" (i.e., different & not easy to categorize), but I don't feel the need to explain my genetics, since I will inevitably get gems like "But, you don't look black!" or "Oh, that explains it."

Racial categories are obviously social constructs, although assigning ethnic origin is still an active part of forensic science, especially applied osteology, since society at large still uses "race" as an official classification system.

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2C/3A--med-coarse, slightly porous (highlighted), very dry & protein sensitive

No-Poo: Naturally Amari Berry No-Poo (w/o Aloe & Horsetail)

Condition: Suave Daily Clarifying & Sun-Ripened Strawberry

Stylers: 4Naturals Spring Back, L'oreal Everstyle Curl Defining Gel

Avoiding: sulfates, ‘cones, parabens, polyquats/cationics (except stearamidopropyl dimethylamine), most proteins/extracts.

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