last night i dreamt that i went to a high school to talk to the kids about careers in courts. after a few questions, someone asked me if it was really a crime to send naked pictures to their boyfriend or girlfriend.

i reached into my bag and pulled out a copy of the Criminal Code (criminal law is uniform across Canada) and started reading out the relevant sections on production, possession and distribution of child pornography.

the looks on their faces as i explained that the simple act of taking that picture meant they were breaking the law, then sending it broke another, and keeping it broke yet another, and that it could land them in jail for up to 10 years - they just couldn't believe it.

then i went to the sections on harassment and told them how *that* could land them in jail for 10 years, too.

someone said to me that the Youth Criminal Justice Act protects them because they're under 18, but i just smiled sweetly and said that any Crown Attorney can push to have them charged as adults and that i thought that would be happening a lot more often with so many teenagers like idiots. then i said i saw that act being repealed in the near future.

when i woke up, i actually felt like i accomplished something - and it was only in my dreams.
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