Lenie, Did you add any leave in conditioner after you lightly rinsed out your Coconut Conditioner? It provides more moisture and soothes out frizzies for me. Also, My hair can only take like 10-20 minutes of a plop, otherwise it gets frizzy.

Try using gel when you diffuse. I'd say about 2 quarter size amounts, maybe more. After you're done diffusing, your hair will feel hard because of the gel and be clumped up, but don't touch it! Wait until your hair is completely dry and then scrunch out the crunch lightly.

Trust me, the first time I did it this way, I was like ":O" but then I scrunched out the crunch and the results were pretty good.

I haven't plopped in a while so I think I'll plop today, haha.
2C/3A Fine, Normal Elasticity, & Normal Porosity.