My daughter is 2 months old. I had always planned to breastfeed, but in the hospital I discovered I have flat nipples, and my baby was unable to latch on. to make matters worse, she was born small for full term, and because of the latch problems, lost weight rapidly. so the nurses suggested i pump and bottlefeed. then her pediatrician suggested I supplement with formula until she's at a healthy weight. Now she's definately at a healthy weight, and when she's intrested latching seems much easier. The problem is 95% of the time she's not intrested, and when she is I can only keep her on the boob for 5 minutes, tops, and she won't switch to the other one. I have no idea what to do, and i'm getting desprate. We really can't afford the formula, or to continue renting the pump. Not to mention formula feeding just feels wrong. My goal is to have her nursing eclusively by 6 months.

Is this a reasonable goal, or has the ship sailed? Anyone have any experience teaching a older baby how to breastfeed exclusively? Can you offer and pointers?
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