I think I did it!!!
My first attempts came out okay. The second time I tried the Pantene curly spray gel, it looked great that night but just like with all the jellies I've tried my hair fell quickly the next morning and felt super producty. I decided I wanted to try something for definition with no hold. Tried the U R Curly Loose curl enhancer first, that was a disaster but now I know for sure glycerin makes my hair go poof. (We really need an emoticon with poof-head)

Then I stumbled across Max Green Alchemy Scalp Rescue Styling Gel at Marshalls for $6. No glycerin, lots of botanicals, protein and only xanthan gum for hold. I used a lot, 5 pumps for my BSL hair, it had a good cast for pixie diffusing but didn't feel heavy or sticky/crunchy at any point. Long story short I got great clumps that have held up for 24 hours and my hair feels soft and springy. My previous attempts (mostly air drying) all fell by lunchtime the next day and made my hair feel gross. I think a lot of the reason some of those failed is because my hair felt so dry, sticky, rough that I kept trying to smooth and 'fix' it and pulled out the wave.

I didn't take pics last night because I've been disappointed so many times but I already went to several of the nearby Marshalls and TJ Maxx and found three more bottles! I'll try for a repeat and post pics then. Hoping for less frizz (it was minimal but still) since I'm gonna cut out the PT I was using as a leave-in and just realized has glycerin. Hehe, I'm so excited to have wavy hair that lasts all day, I think it might actually be 2B, I'll let you guys decide.
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