The real horror isn't being reported at all. The real horror is that Kermit Gosnell was a BACK ALLEY ABORTIONIST. He is what you get when you restrict women's access to safe legal abortion. He is what you'll get more of as states around the country under Republican rule are working to take more and more and more reproductive freedoms away from women. There's a reason the victims in this crime are all's because rich white women are more able to afford safe abortion care, despite the obstacles put up by anti-choice legislators. It's the poor brown women who die.

So, by all means, prosecute this guy, lock him up and throw away the key. But don't allow politicians and anti-choice activists to snowball you into believing that we need to restrict and regulate abortion even more so we don't get more victims like this. It's because of those restrictions and onerous regulations that this guy was allowed to flourish for so long.
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I heard about this story a while ago, when he was arrested. I am pretty sure I heard about it on NPR or on one of the liberal feminist blogs I read. This whole "the liberal media are keeping it quiet" story is total BS because while I don't watch Fox myself, I keep pretty good tabs on abortion stories that are happening and what the right wing media is saying about them. While I heard about him and his crimes "in the liberal media" way back then, I did not hear anyone outraged about what Fox or the Daily Caller was saying about this story, which leads me to believe there was no story.

I don't think it was a political coverup because it exposes the so-called "truth about abortion", I think it exposes quite the opposite. I figure most media did not cover it because it involved a whole lot of poor, brown and black women
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