I've been having real hair issues lately. Frizz, dryness, and shedding hair and other craziness. So after looking up the reviews for Devachan, and having nothing to lose (except 150 dollars :[ ) I went for the cut.

My stylist, Helik, assured me that my hair was fine. I was stressing over nothing. He actually said my curls looked pretty good, they were just really dry and need to be trimmed and shaped. Fine. So he cut my hair, then I was sent for my hair to be no-pooed, then conditioned and finger detangled with one condition, they the arc angel gel was applied just over the top layer of my hair and ends. My hair was scrunched very gently with a microfiber towel, and I was put under a hooded dryer.

The result? I loved it. Immediately after the one condition was applied along with the gel, I felt and saw the difference. My curls were way more defined. This is the best my hair has looked since starting the CG method little over a month ago. I mean, it's still kinda frizzy and dry, but I know the can't work miracles.

Here are some before pics:
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And after:
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