If your daughters hair is dry, itll be obvious. It will likely be frizzy like a halo around her head. It will feel dry, maybe like straw or just roughish. It will possibly have split ends.

one word of advice, baby shampoo, like johnsons, is practically the very worst thing for a curly kids hair. I couldnt figure out why my daughters hair was WILD and horrible when i was using such a "gentle" shampoo and conditioner.... they have harsh sulfates in them.. and not much else.

Switch to a botanical kids shampoo and conditioner.

i dont know if they sell these brands where you are but ive used Sukin (the kids range, they have adults too) for ages now and its wonderful. If you visit the pharmacy or natural store, theyll have something equivalent there. a little of it goes a long way so it wont break the budget. If her hair is really really dry, you can leave the conditioner in. My daughters hair looks amazing when i leave it in! i also spray it every morning with a mixture of the same conditioner and water in a spray bottle, then i gently scrunch her curls back to life :-)