Hi!my little one has 3c hair and keeps getting curlier so i understand dryness and wild morning hair! hahaha.if i could get my toddler to wear a satin cap, that would be amazing! hahaha NO WAY IN HELL will my little one sleep with a silk cap on, so we resorted to a silk pillowcase, but she also ends up with that on the floor anyway hopefully your lil girl is a heavyer sleeper haha.i dont know what my lil one does in her sleep, but even if ive washed her hair and it looks like amazing angel curls before she goes to bed, when she wakes up in the morning its an insane afro-birds nest, like she lost a fight with the electrical socket, she must move about ALOT.anyway our solution, depends on the day. if its a day at home, i dont fuss too much, this makes her happier and me too. For those days, I simply use a spray bottle with what others have suggested, her usual conditioner, and water. I use about four big pumps of conditioner with the rest water and give it a good shake. Depending on the weather and your daughters hair you can give or take on the amount, experiment. I find that spritzing it like that, then gently raking my fingers thru her curls, then scrunching it with a microfibre towel, fixes the frizz and poof nicely. it doesnt look a million bucks, but its certainly much better. tamed enough.for days when we are going out and she needs to be more "presentable" i go heavier on the conditioner. Ill spray it with the same stuff, then ill go get about a teaspoon of conditioner, rub it in my hands and rake it through her hair with my fingers, brushing as i go. her hair is quite covered with it when im done. then i scrunch dry if its summer, or use a diffuser for a very short time if its winter. always works nicely. she always gets great compliments for her hair every time we leave the house. her hair is thin, scarce and wild, but always manages to look good with this method.but ive never been able to use any kind of brush on her hair at all. Hurts her way too much. The closest ive used is a large "afro comb" (she doesnt have an afro, but its wide toothed and perfect) and i can only use that when her hair is saturated in conditioner (when im washing it in the bath) to get the tangles out. otherwise its just fingers, gently raking, separating and pulling apart knots (gently). Sometimes she screams bloody murder...other times she laughs through it. i dont think its the pain level as so much the kind of mood she is in that day coz we got it pretty good now, were good at de-tangling these days lol.so just try using your fingers :-)also, check your shampoo for sulfates and conditioner for silicones. the more natural the better, prevention is better than cure after all. good luck!