Just wanted to say that I am absolutely LOVING UFDCM!!!! I love it more than KCCC. I just ordered more because I do not want to be without it. Every time I use it my hair turns out fabulous!! I may have to clear out my cabinets and stick with just a few styling products. This has been working so consistently for me and I don't even need a hard loading gel with it! My daughter is loving it too. If it works in the summer, than I'm completely sold. Since the average dews are around 30, I'm hoping this will work year round.
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I got a sample of UFDCM from Kathymack and, like you, I absolutely love it! So far I have also tried KCCC, CK Coil Jam, CRN Aloe Whipped Butter Gel, CK, CJCIAB and CK. I really liked CK for fighting frizz in combo with BHRG for hold but as the dew points rose they were not working. I went back to the samples and products I bought to see what might work, tried a few things and concluded I needed to stay away from glycerin in the higher dew points so I went back to glycerin-free UFDCM and it is by far the best! I just ordered two bottles (saved on some shipping!) but they are back ordered until the 25th - I am bummed about that. As far as the higher dew points are concerned Central Florida's have been above 65 (and I believe are usually in the 70's in the summer) for the past few weeks and I believe are here to stay until late fall and so far the UFDCM is doing a great job in them.
2C/Fine Texture/Normal Porosity/Normal Elasticity/Very Humid Climate