While it is understood you have a strong opinion on this subject, please refrain from the graphic depictions.
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In SL's defense, it is simply not possible to discuss this specific topic without the shockingly gruesome details. The needless inhumanity of Kermit Gosnell's clinic is the heart of the matter.

But no, this does NOT happen to affluent white women, many of whom have access to a sympathetic OB-GYN who would perform an abortion in their safe, sanitary office. Several of the women who went to Gosnell were severely injured and at least one died. Rest assured, if that had happened to the Daughters of the Revolution, he would have been shut down in a New York minute.

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Exactly. There are ways to do even a very late term abortion that's safe for the woman and nothing at all like described. This does NOT happen to people with money and/or decent insurance.
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But it's never safe for the baby. Whether it's killed inside or out, it's killed. And that is the sad part to me.