Exactly. There are ways to do even a very late term abortion that's safe for the woman and nothing at all like described. This does NOT happen to people with money and/or decent insurance.
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But it's never safe for the baby. Whether it's killed inside or out, it's killed. And that is the sad part to me.
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Eh, if you cared that much you'd be a major advocate for readily available first trimester abortions. If you think there's no difference between first and third trimester abortions there's not point to this conversation, since neither of us can understand the other's position.

It's sad no matter how you look at it and since we have to choose sides, I'm siding with women every time. I do think the way an abortion is carried out matters which is why the Gosnell case is so horrific.
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Personally, I find them all equivalently egregious.

It is what I consider the hypocracy of pro-choicers in heartily supporing one type of abortion and a couple of weeks later calling it "sick" and "cruel" that I'm finding especially strange.