This is where there's no point for argument. If SL considers a fetus a baby, and abortion murder, she will have a strong opinion one way.

If another person sees a fetus as something attached to a host, that is not a human being on its own, they will have a strong opinion another.

This is why this fight goes nowhere. There's no convincing on either side. Just different views.
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I think discussion can help ppl consider different POVs. It has for me. But in this case, the arguments aren't rational to me.

Abortion before 21 weeks = good, empowered, feminist, strong, happy, caring, helpful, "wombanyst", responsible

Abortion after 21 (or whatever) weeks = terrible, evil, criminal, sick, depressing, barbaric, exploitive

Just some phoney distinction or loophole or whatever so the pro-choice can still have a 5 month abortion window. Throw in that the victims were poor and POC, and it's a field day of political correctness.

I would just have more respect if the pro-choicers just said they were OK w/ late term abortions and supported Gosnell for the his creative abortion techniques.
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How does being okay with late term abortions = supporting Gosnell? You clearly have no idea how legal abortion are done, which is fine, not many do. But don't go ascribing motives based on facts you don't know.
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Yes, I know how they are done. And the differences btwn the various methods, based on gestational age, is immaterial to me. The result is the same.

Gosnell employed some shady practices for sure (even by abortion industry standards) but some of the complaints against him relate to the the late gestational age. And those are most distateful to me.