More women die during childbirth in the US than from abortions. As a medical procedure, abortion is one of the safest for the patient to undergo.
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Not relevent and beside the point. You said White women or affluent women or whatever don't die from abortions and I said yes they was just mentioned in court yesterday.
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Completely relevant - you want to make the rare exception the rule. People of all backgrounds die from medical errors and complications, but 1) the likelihood is far lower for those who can afford quality care and 2) seldom occurs from abortion, especially when performed by a highly trained professional in a sterile environment (i.e., one to which wealthy white women have access).

I could easily cite cases in which women died during childbirth. Shall we then ban pregnancy because of the risk to the mother?

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I'm saying that yes, unfortunately ppl die during routine medical procedures. Sometimes they are Black, sometimes they are White. Sometimes they are poor, sometimes they are affluent. Sometimes they are treated by w/ Dr. kermit Gosnell, sometimes they are treated by w/ Dr. Rich White. It happens. It happens more in the hood, yes, but it happens all over, sadly. The real issue to me in general is abortion. And the real issue to me in this thread is the arbitrary 21 week g distinction.