Alas, no. That is the great search, isn't it??

Honestly I co-wash with suave coconut since it has protein. I've used Vo5 kiwi lime, too. Then I follow up with a protein heavy RO or LI.

Cure care (also from Sally's) is protein heavy, and I use it as a LI. I keep meaning to try it as a co-wash, but have yet to do so. I'll keep you posted when I do!

I have tried adding a protein filler (Colorful Neutral Protein Filler - from Sally's or Amazon) to my co-wash with great success!!
Originally Posted by Jas76

Alas, all the great protein things from Sally's are not available to me, either on the ground or online as they won't ship these to where I am. My only hope might be to check ebay.
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