With my second baby, I had some serious latch issues in the first few days and ended up with severely damaged nipples...also known as hamburger. I had to take many weeks off of nursing to get them to heal. I pumped during that time, but my milk diminished and my baby learned to love the bottle, so going back to nursing was a real challenge. It took a few weeks of patience and working to getting him to nurse more and bottlefeed less, but I did evenentually get back on nursing full-time. Patience patience patience. I would nurse first and kinda force him to stay there for at least 5 minutes on each breast before I would allow him to finish off with the bottle. I would also pump after he was done to try to stimulate a little more milk for the next feeding. Slow drip nipples on the bottle help too. It helps to have a supportive partner. And please do consult a lactation consultant. She may have some tricks for you to try. Good luck! It can be done. Adoptive mothers can nurse, and so can you!