I have discovered I have frizz problems with glycerin too and kinky curly knot today and curling custard have both been working great for me. Goddess Curls Gel has also given good results. It's so hard finding glycerin free stuff!
Modified CG - No Sulfates, No Silicones

Med to coarse, normal to high porosity, normal to high density. Likes protein, hates glycerin. 3A/Corkicelli

Poos: KC Come Clean, SM Moisture Retention
Co-Wash: As I Am Coconut Cowash
RO: Yes2Carrots, Mill Creeks Botanicals (Henna & Keratin), AO Honeysuckle Rose, GVP Conditioning Balm
LI: KC Knot Today (HG!), SM Milk, Y2C
Stylers: KC Curling Custard (HG!), Goddess Curls Gel