I had a thought, Skorpio. Because your individual hair strands are fine and you've got high density, maybe it gets frizzy because you need more protein. I'm sure there is some protein (probably silk) in the souffle but there is none in the KCCC or the Curl Keeper which are the two more recent products you were experimenting with. Have you tried a PT to see if that helps with frizz? Also fine hair needs protein regularly in order to promote elasticity and strengthen the curl pattern. And like kathymack says, the only site that says low porosity hair doesn't like protein is this one so maybe the gelatin treatment would help you. That helps a lot of fine to medium curlies. Hell, even my coarse hair didn't mind a 3 minute or a fifteen minute one. It seemed to perk the hair up a little.

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I'm going to use Joico k pak this morning to see if it helps. Thanks Dusa
Medium texture, normal porosity, normal elasticity