Hi, I'm new to this and confused as l don't feel l fit in either category-I feel like my hair is a bit of both 3band3c. I am Australian Caucasian and have very curly dark hair which l don't know the origins to. It's very thick, very curly and dark. I can twist the curls to have spiral Shirley temple curls although much tighter than hers. I'm thinking of trying the intense curl cream by Moroccan oil. Has anyone used it? I usually twist my hair while its wet straight after a shower and l use a light glaze/ gel mixed with a pomade for shine. My hair sucks up product like nothing else. Also looking for a good conditioner that adds shine and lots of moisture for my naturally dry hair. I'm currently using KMS silkscreen. When lm not wearing my hair down, l put it up in pigtails and l am looking for a more natural hold that isn't a gel but will control frizz and give shine and perhaps a little hold! Any suggestions for this type of crazy hair would be very appreciated! Dell :-)

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