I have searched this board for type 4 hair and haven’t seen any forums that talk about anyone’s experience with doing the curly girl method, so I decided to give it a shot. I PLAN (emphasis on plan. Lol) on doing this for at least 6 weeks as recommended, and keeping you guys posted on my progress. But what fun is reading about the journey when you don’t have any pictures to go by? So I will also be posting pics as I go along. Anyone who is willing, and is doing the same thing with your type 4 hair, please post your experience and pics as well. Also, If there is someone out there that has tried it, and would like to share their experience, please comment. Advice from those who have been there, done that, and succeeded with type 4 hair is GREATLY appreciated! By the way, I do not have the book on this, and did a google search to find out how to do it, so if I’m missing something, please let me know. I just knew to get products with no silicones, glycerin, castor, or mineral oils. Ok, so here we go…………….

About my hair:
I have type 4, high porosity, thickly densed, confused hair. (I think it’s 3C, 4A—but I could be wrong---with no product, it looks like a really bad relaxer. I don’t really see a curl pattern until it’s wet.) With approximately 3 inches of natural hair (I haven’t bothered to measure, but I will soon), and God knows how much relaxed………A LOT!!! Since transitioning, I have come to refer to my hair as “Sannnnnd Papaaaahh” (in my Chinese man voice). It’s been extremely dry and I think that’s mostly due to the fact that I have absolutely no desire to deal with it b/c of the two textures---so I don’t. To add insult to injury, since my decision to transition, I have learned that I also have Seborrheic Dermatitis. (Yes people, it just got real.) As a relaxed hottie, I was shampooing once a week, so I never saw/dealt with it. But as a Sexy-Curly-Wanna-be, I was avoiding the Noid. Needless to say, this was how I found out about my dermatitis issue. Since the Curly girl method seems to be all about moisture, and I really want to see some definition, and subdue the dermatitis I started my journey yesterday. The following is a recap………

Day 1:
Shampoo’d with Clarifying shampoo (Straight Requests Clarification)

Shampoo’d with As-I-Am Cleansing Conditioner Pudding-----------I got a sudsing effect that I did not expect with a “conditioner”. At this point, my hair felt completely stripped. I could tell there was absolutely NO moisture WHAT-SO-EVER, and I got a little worried. This process probably took me about 15 minutes between the two. The trouble began on the next step.

Detangleing with Vo5 Conditioner----------Instead of separating my hair in to 6 sections like I normally do before I shampoo, I had it in 4. Which was cool until I had to Detangle. It took me over an hour people. I was soooooooooo frustrated!!!!!!!
I combed the relaxed stuff first, which made it a little easier. Then I finger detangled, then ran a comb thru it. But I swear as I was busy untangleing, it was busy RE-tangleing. I couldn’t get past the back quadrant! It just would not stay untangled!!! On top of that, I could still feel that my hair was stripped----AND IT WAS SOPPED WITH CONDITIONER!!! It was like the conditioner was fighting me and did NOT want to go into the strands. It was providing slip, but just barely. I kept gobbing it on, but it didn’t seem to make much difference. So I decided to try spritzing it with my water/proein mix (CHI protein). That helped a little. I think next time I won’t be lazy, and just do my 6 sections like normal! By the time I finished “detangling” I was over it. I ripped some of my hair by raking thru it with the comb just out of shear frustration, so there is no question, I’m going to be doing another mini chop soon. I’m already chopped down to bra strap length now, so with this next chop is going to be amusing to see how much hair I will be left with.

Applied QP Intense conditioner.--Rinsed

Applied Apple Cider Vinegar rinse (1 tbsp ACV to 1 cup distilled water), and rinsed out.

Applied Leave in conditioner. I used the Shea Moisture Curl and Style Milk (I think that’s the name). As I did this, my hair was re-tangling. I was fed up.
I slapped some coconut oil/Jojoba oil mixture on top as my sealant, and tried to comb this tragedy into a ponytail and go to bed.

In the morning, I spritzed with water/Chi mixture, and put a bit more Curl and Style Milk on and went on about my day. I look a mess, but at least I got Day 1 over with. I’m PRAYING it gets easier! The below pics are of my hair when I first started, the amount of hair lost throughout the whole process, and what my hair looked like this morning. Pls pretend the gray hair isn’t there. I didn’t even have the energy to cover them! Lol!
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