ACV made my hair absolutely horrible. Ive never ever had such straw-like, tangled nightmare than when i did an ACV rinse. (and my hair doesnt actually usually tangle much). I honestly thought it was going to dissolve away or just eat my hair was that bad. i frantically rinsed it, shoved every type of conditioner/leave in/oil i had within reach of me in the shower and rinsed and did it again. it was the shower from hell. ughhhhh. my hair just hated it!!

Bi-carb on the other hand, works brilliantly in my hair strangely enough. ive been using it once a week to once a fortnight to give it a good product rid. my hair feels fuller and clean afterwards. I do one tablespoon of bi-carb to a large cup of very warm water, mix to dissolve and then pour slowly over my head focusing on all the parts of my scalp. it trickles down the rest. i leave it for about a minute or two and rinse. works a treat!

I think everyones hair is totally different. I know so many ppl who swear by ACV or hate bi-carb... so you figure out what works for you and just run with it :-)

PS i just de-tangle with a boatload of conditioner in my hair, and my fingers or afro comb whilst soaked.