Hi everyone, I'm back from London!

First the bad news: I didn't find Aubrey Organics GPB. You wouldn't believe how far we've walked (we could have taken the tube but I'm all about exercising and stuff) and got bad luck with getting that over and over again, so I just ordered it online via iHerb.com. Hope it arrives sooner than expected (they said it probably takes about 15 working days to arrive). Can't wait!

The good news is that I've had pretty good hair the past week. Seems like cutting out the heavy oil conditioner works. Second to sixth day routine consisted of using my spray bottle with just water until really wet, then applying CJ CQ (a pretty large amount). When that's completely dry, I take a pea-size amount of CJ CCCL which suddenly is not too oily for me any more now that I cut out my oily conditioner. I SOTC with that and have nice, natural hair all day. Best hair days were on drizzly, rainy days. It's always been like that for some reason. I think using AO GPB will restore the protein-moisture balance.

The other good news is that we've had a great time :-) How are you all doing, both in the normal sense and hair-wise?
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