I'm Maria and I'm 21.

I think I have 2B hair but I'm not completely sure. It's wavy most of the time but sometimes there will appear definite ringlets around my face. Also, my hair isn't thin, it's thick, very frizzy, *VERY* voluminousness, and there is a lot of it. When I was young, I had much curlier hair but it's calmed a bit because of....puberty? Damage? I'm not sure.

I usually do things to try to straighten it out more, like tie it up when it's still wet and then using a straightening iron on it.

I've been dying my hair since age 12 and straightening it since age 14. While I did for a time try the "no poo" method, I felt my hair didn't really look any better, so I stopped and resumed. I have however since stopped dying all of my hair and just dye the ends.

I feel like I'm damaging the hair by my face a lot and I'm scared it's started to stop growing and it might fall out soon. I want to get back into this and I hope that it will work this time, although I feel my hair doesn't fit into a type and I feel like nothing is really going to work.

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