I do it sometimes. I call it my "lazy wash and go" >.> It takes me like 2 seconds to comb out my hair and slap some conditioner on it. However, my hair is not as defined as when I use gel, but I can rock the volume and frizz

For second/third/fourth day hair, before I go to bed, I just wet my palms and put conditioner into my palms and just smooth it onto my hair. I let it dry and then pineapple my hair, and then re-wet (but w/ no conditioner) some awkward parts in the morning.

I guess the reason why my hair is not suuuper defined is because I don't use super-moisturizing, silicone-y conditioners like Hello Hydration or Aussie Moist. I don't like silicones in my styling products. I have enough issues with build-up as it is. I just use KCKT by itself or a cheapie by Suave. They're light conditioners, but provide a nice amount of moisture for me.