I am confused by the porosity tests - when I ran my fingers up some hair, I thought that I felt bumpies. But then I repeated the test since going CG, and I don't think that I felt any?? Then I tried the floating hair thing. It floated unless I pressed it under water, and it then sank. But I remembered that I had coconut oil in my hair, which could explain why it floated at all.

I've always thought that my hair was porous as it would suck up dye, then fade out quickly. When it was long and somewhat mistreated, the top would dry ever so fast (absolutely understand the need to re-wet it if left too long)

My hair, despite looking quite dark, is still in the blonde family and is fine, but dense. Now that I've stopped dyeing it, I have noticed that it does actually have some shine!

I am relatively new to treating my hair more kindly, though I knew, several years ago, when I had long hair, to condition, condition, condition, but only wash occasionally.

I seem to tolerate certain silicones well, namely the one in Sebastian's Potion # 9 leave in conditioner.

I think that I need to watch just how often I condition (now that my hair is healthier, it is growing out from a pixie cut and I don't dye it, use heat etc) as it can look heavy and unhappy.

I do know that my hair hates Moroccan Oil products. Hates. Feels like Barbie hair immediately.
Growing out a pixie (last big cut July 2012)
3a? 3b? Fine, dense. Porous.
Finally sulfate free. Avoiding silicones.