My ethnicity is Mexican and German. People always ask me "What are you", which is offensive because....why do they need to know? Is there a "wrong" answer for them? I used to be asked that a lot in school but it's gotten less over the years. Usually other hispanics ask me that and once I say I'm half white, that's all they see, me as a white girl (even though I think I don't look that white). And I think most white people just assume that I'm fully Mexican.
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I understand, for me it gets annoying. When you have been answering the same question all your life you get tired of answering it. I guess some people are just curious. I hate when I say I'm Canadian and then they ask me "but where are your parents from?"...ummm do you want to know about my great, great grandparents too?...sometimes they want you to dig deep into your background. I love my ethnicities and cultures but it shouldn't be one of the first things you ask me.

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