Hi all,

Im 27, and have been struggling with my curls for a while. When I was younger I used to put it up all the time, and then I started straightening it. Had it chemically straightened once, but it fried my hair and it fell out and since then my hair has been super weak and unhealthy. I hated my curls so would only wear them every now and then but if Im going out I ALWAYS straightened it.

I realised the damage I was doing my hair and was due for a haircut so last week I went to see a curly hair specialist and he gave me a curly haircut and told me to stop curling my hair. I decided to go CG as well threw out all my products and only wash my hair once with sulphate-free shampoo and plop and do all the nice things I should do and moisturise A LOT.

My hair is obviously much shorter now that he gave me a curly haircut and the fact its always curly, it appears even shorter than it is when I used to straighten it (i love long hair). My curls arent turning out as nice they dry soooo slow and so flat and I really hate them its taking away so much of my self confidence. I actually dont want to go out at all with it!

Im just so tempted to reach for the hair straighteners again only thing stopping me is the fact that my hair is falling out and I am trying to stop damaging it (plus the stylist told me my haircut may look uneven when straight because it was specifically meant to suit curly hair)

Did anyone else struggle at first when going from straightening their hair to going natural??