LOVE this idea for us fine haired curlies! I wish we could get a forum category for us.

Hair Biography

Curl Pattern: 3b
Texture: Fine
Porosity: Normal
Density: Dense
Elasticity: Normal
Characteristics: Very flat top with not a ton of root curl, frizzy baby hairs framing my face, s-curl pattern with ends of hair in Shirley Temple curls

CG/ModCG/not CG: Mod CG (I'm ok with light cones and clarify more regularly)

Ingredients hair likes: Light products, mousse and coconut oil!
Ingredients hair dislikes: Heavy butters and cocamidopropyl betaine

HG/Go-to Products: up to 5 products that are constantly in your rotation.... Tresemme naturals conditioner, KKNT, Ouidad climate control gel, mousse (haven't found my HG yet), COCONUT OIL!

Average climate/dew points: 35-53... Lots of rain and mild wind though (yay Seattle lol)

Fall/Winter combos: More DT and PT
Spring/Summer combos: still figuring this out

Favorite styling techniques and why: I section hair and style "upright", then I do a combo of racking, smoothing and scrunching until I get the curls I like. Then I diffuse until about 50% dry
Techniques that didnít work and why: Air drying because it takes 8+ hours! My scalp can't handle that. I also have not had luck with plopping or styling upside down cause I get TONS of frizz from both.

Hair Twins: SereneSunshine
3B- Fine/Dense/Normal Porosity/ Normal Elasticity