Hi, hello!

I ended up waiting until late March to try the Kerapremium from the roots to shoulder and have been pretty happy with the results. My curls are ~ 20% relaxed and much less frizzy.

My hair is not as straight as when I used the original Max formula - but will get quite straight when blow dried with medium heat.

I only used 375 degrees to flat iron and made about 7 medium speed passes. My hair was quite fragile for about a month after the treatment. Like I posted earlier, my hair is SUPER baby fine. It doesn't help that I use a demi-permanent color before using keratin - but I'm too lazy to color on a different day ... so, that's what I get.

Because the greys were getting noticeable, I colored and BKTed again today and discovered that the results were better this time around. For the last couple of years I've been applying small amounts of the solution to mostly dry hair and then air drying before flat ironing.

Today however, I applied the solution while my hair was
about 30-40% wet (only from the roots to shoulder) and then blow dried on medium heat while finger combing.

I flat ironed (on 375 again but made 3 slow passes) and my hair seems stronger and looks shinier than after previous applications.


Hey, Honeycurls~

I remember you from back in the day - and the nasty post you received before you signed off for awhile. Alas, the internet ...

Thank you for all of your helpful posts - you've been one of my hair gurus all these years!

I have only used 2 oz. of the GIANT bottle of Kerapremium I bought, so would be happy to share with you if you haven't already made arrangements with someone else.

Thank you again for all of your helpful information and D.I.Y. tips - they've helped me SO much!