My first post in a while:

My hair has actually been behaving about 90% of the time, which is a major miracle.

My gripes:

1. My hair is basically waist-length (or longer stretched). The catch? It's barely (I mean barely shoulder length dry), and that's only when I use heavier products (which I prefer on my med-coarse hair). The shrinkage is killing me mentally.

2. My hair is going down instead of out now, because it's getting longer (i.e. just more massive). The gripe part: I can't get any definition on the top (and the first 2-3 inches). It's disaster-ville no matter what I do.

3. My hair takes forever and a half to dry, with the products that make it healthy, and takes way shorter with the products that kill it. There's no win in this situation.

4. (And somebody said this). Why do they only make 12 oz containers? My hair is past waist length stretched, and I have a lot of it. It's also somewhat coarse, and low porosity (veery difficult to penetrate). I'm wondering how in the world that amount of conditioner is going to last more than 2 weeks, if that.

5. My hair clumping changes basically whenever it feels like it.
Hair Type: 3c/4a, Coarse, Med-High Density, Med-Low Porosity
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