Ok this is off your topic, but I like the way your hair is in the bang area and the area that frames your face. How do you get volume there or style it? Mine is always too flat to my head! Thanks!
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No worries about being off topic Chris 1965- the forum threads are really just tools for all of us curlies to support and learn from one another, right?! I'm guessing you are referring to the first picture? It's kind of hard to tell, but my very front piece of hair is actually pinned back with a really small clip. I'll put a picture down below from that same day. I'm smelling a candle in it that I got as a gift, I know it's kinda odd but that's the only picture I had where you could see the clip at all.

I have SO much stinkin' hair, so I often pin the front piece back. For me, bangs just don't work (or at least pre-CG they didn't) and it gets really tiring having so much hair in my face all the time LOL! As for volume, have you tried using a duckbill clip at the roots for volume when your hair is airdyring? I do that because I plop after washing my hair which makes it really flat on top. I usually struggle with volume at my roots even despite using clips, so I'd love to hear other advice anyone has about that!!

Chloe92us, YOU ROCK! Thanks for the link dear

Neekolassify, you just might convert me... and thanks for the warnings! I'm awful about not touching my hair. I need to be more disciplined about that!
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