Hi, l'm new to this wonderful site and l'm just learning about what this all means to me! I think lm a mix of 3b and 3c as l don't quite fit into either. I usually wear my curly hair in pigtails and when down l twist it. I'd love to learn more about how to manage my hair without twisting and leaving it more natural. I like the twisting as it gives my curls some kind of control and l know what it will look like in three hours time... Curlmart has so many products l don't know where to start. In Australia we don't have all these amazing options. People are always amazed with my hair and are dying to touch it. I like it to be not crunchy as it looks artificial so l usually mix a pomade and a light glaze/ gel together for some hold when l wear it down. At the moment l have no every day product as it's been discontinued and lm devastated. My old product had a little hold but added lots of shine and was light in texture but a little sticky. I always style my hair when it's wet to trap in the moisture. Any suggestions would be super.. Dell.