I was wondering the same thing.
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No. Medical coding is putting in a description of the pt's illness or procedure into an ICD-9 code or CPT that the insurance codes. Medical Transcription is listening to the doctor's recordings of the patient's visit and transferring it to a type account of the events.

ETA: You have to be super careful about doing medical coding from home because not all doctor's are totally ethical and they want any claim up coded so they can collect as much as possible. You personally will be responsible for any fraud (even if you don't realize it) committed. Not all doctor's office are ethical.
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But what does that have to do with working from home? That happens onsite as well. I'm assuming you follow the transcript and if the transcript is a lie, is it the coder's fault too?
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The difference is that at home you are responsible for what is put in. In an office setting you have higher ups that have to answer for what is produced. In a office it is pretty cut and dry because there is literature and specific procedures to follow. It isn't so much at home and the blame is placed on the biller and not the institution.

Transcription and medical coding are totally different. Transcription is word for word what the doctor says. Medical coding is partially the billers perspective of what is happening. Billing is tricky and coding is worse. I have been doing this for the past 8 years and I am currently in school to get my degree in medical billing and coding.

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