I started wearing my hair curly (stopped flat ironing) on february 21st and had a 2b curl pattern then, got CG on march 8th and I felt my hair getting way healthier... My hair was really healthy between march 15th and the end of march. In that time my curl pattern definitely was 2c. Since the beginning of april my hair was getting worse again (less healthy, smaller clumps) and since the beginning of this week...my hair is a total mess, back to 2b at most, a lot of frizz, drier.

First of all: I don't know my properties, am waiting for the results of my analysis. When my hair was healthy, I was convinced that it was fine and low porosity. Because of the strange things that are happening to my hair I guess I might be completely wrong as well.

I'll try to explain what I have been doing to my hair since march 8th and I hope that someone of you will know what I'm doing wrong, if I'm killing my curls and how to repair it.

On march 7th, the hairdresser dyed my hair (darker than my natural colour) as usual (my hair gets dyed every 6 to 8 weeks) and it didn't react badly.
A day after that I got CG, I found a sulfate free shampoo that I use every week and I conditioned my hair 3 times a week with Yes To Cucumbers and Ultra doux (both siliconefree) and used a L'Oreal Mousse called Silk & Gloss. The first week I airdried but since my hair took too long to airdry during the winter I started diffusing. Everything was great with that combination until the end of march.

Special treatments:
March 13th I did a honey-olive oil treatment that I left on my hair for half an hour before rinsing it out.
March 20th I did a banana-milk-egg-honey-olive oil treatment that I left on my hair for half an hour before rinsing it out.
March 28th I did my first IAGirl gelatin treatment for 5 minutes.
April 3rd I did a gelatin treatment for 15 minutes
April 8th I did a gelatin treatment for 30 minutes
Today I did a avocado-honey-olive oil treatment for an hour.
==> With those treatments I didn't really notice a lot of difference compared with before but maybe they have longterm"results" that are killing my curls?

So... curls started getting more limpy and less curly at the beginning of april, and got a mess at the beginning of this week.

What happened this week?
- dews went from in the 30s to 45-50
- hair dresser dyed my hair but my hair never reacted this bad on dye before (most of the times my hair would even feel softer after dying)

Am I messing up my protein-moisture balance?
Am I killing my curls?
What can I do to get my lovely curls back instead of this mess that I can't even describe because frizz and less curl aren't even the worst of the problem... it's really a mess...

Jas? Dusa? Kathymack? Anyone, please?