My son was born prematurely and in rhe nicu for 2 weeks. during that time, he got breastmilk in a bottle and Then slowly learned to breastfeed. We weaned off the breast shield around 6 weeks. It was HARD, but it was something I really wanted to do (although at the time I was seriously doubting my goal of 12months of Breastfeeding - currently at 9.5 months. Woo!). You just have to work at it though. Stop offering the bottle and nurse for less time than they tell you, but do it on demand and more frequently. Unless there are underlying issues, it will work. I dealt with oversupply due to pumping and bottlefeeding expressed milk, so we had to deal with that too. Anyway, as others have said, look into a LC or LLL leader to help you as it's difficult to really help online. Good luck!