I am definitely going to keep it simpler and will stay away from the gelatin for a while (until after the analysis).
I just sent my hair sample last Friday, and the lady at the Post Office told me it would arrive in Florida like... yesterday probably, so I still have to wait "a long time".

The problem is that I do not really know what natural products are proteins and which are not...

Gelatin treatment is a protein treatment, that's something I know.

But what about EVOO, honey, banana, avocado?
Is it honey-EVOO protein-free?
I'm going to stay away from the mousse for a while (probably till winter since it did work great for me in low dews) and go on the gel... I'm thinking about buying BHRG and have bought flax seeds but haven't had the time to make FSG yet (will probably do so in about 3 weeks).

I sooo hope that I have a "decent" hairday tomorrow. It doesn't have to be good, but just "decent" because I'm sick of the updos I had to do this week (although I did get 2 compliments with them, but it feels like my hair is in prison... I have a LOT of hair and clips usually are too small for my hair ==> prisonfeeling)