Avocado and banana have protein. EVOO and honey don't although honey is a humectant. But I've never had a problem using honey to deep treat. And I have avocado oil which I like even better than olive to deep treat. (Don't worry it is protein free. It is just the oil and has been separated from the fruit.)

So I think it'll be 3 weeks to a month for the hair analysis results. BRHG is very popular and I think it should help with clumping/defining your hair and eliminating frizz. If it feel really crunchy just be sure to use some leave in conditioner underneath it. Also FSG is really great too!

Word on the updos--I don't know if you guys have goody spin pins over there but it only takes two for a decent updo. When I use these I don't feel as though my hair is being imprisoned by a ton of clips.

BTW, your hair is so, so beautiful and the hair color is to die for. Your curls will be back in no time.
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