My parents never talked to me about the possibility of being raped at a friends house. In fact they told me i would be safer drinking at a friend's house because you can trust your friends. I have passed out drunk at friends homes and nothing as ever happen. i have had friends pass house and nothing has ever happened. i dont understand why things are changing. I know teens shouldnt be drinking, but they do and they will. My parents knew this so they jsut told me how to be safe, "Always drink in a safe place with people you trust." I trusted my friends. I felt safe with my friends. If i had a child I would have sadi the same thing to her. but these girls made teh horrible mistake in trusting their friends. They thought they could be rebelous teen adn have fun and be safe becasue they were with their "friends." i'm not saying the friends are to be blamed, but where were they when things were going down? And what kind of peoplestands around and take pictures of someone being raped?
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Yes, there's a false sense of security in partying with people you think are your friends. Sadly, it seems you can't trust anyone these days. Yet another girl was sexually assaulted last weekend while she was too drunk to resist. The only silver lining is that they apparently did not take pictures, unlike the Steubenville, Halifax and San Diego cases.

Tarpon Springs, Florida -- Police in Tarpon Springs are investigating the sexual battery of a 15-year-old girl.

Police say the attack happened during a house party on April 13 around 1 a.m.

According to police, between eight and 20 juveniles (all from Tarpon Springs High School) were at a house party in Palm Harbor -- with no adults present -- when the victim became intoxicated and was taken to a room to lie down in. At one point she was reportedly taken advantage of by possibly three males under the age of 18.

Police say probably cause for one of the males, 17-year-old Jared Alexander Alissandratos, was established and he was arrested on a charge of sexual battery. The investigation continues and charges for the other two suspects will likely come from the state attorney's office.
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