At the risk of sounding dumb, how do you know when a product is too heavy? My hair takes a long time to air dry with KCCC or if I don't diffuse with some heat. I know oils are to heavy because they literally never look dry but other than that, I am not sure.

Any suggestions for a glycerin free gel that can hold up to our FL humidity? I see you like okra gel but is that something you make or something you buy?

Thank you!
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For me... heavy is anything that my hair dose not absorb, it just coats the hair shaft and causes my hair to droop/frizz. My hair will also feel dirty and looks greasy. Being a low porosity curly, my hair always takes few hours to air dry and couple hours with diffusing. I’m more med/low, while true low porosity curlies can take up to several hours for their hair to dry. I like a lot more volume to my hair, which is a trade off for more frizz. I like light and airy curls. For gels, if you want a true hard hold then biosilk rock hard gelee. Another good gel is curl junkie curl queen-more medium hold. A lot of people on the thread likes LA looks gel or Herbal Essence.
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Heavy products just sit on my hair too. Anything that comes in the form of a cream usually spells out disaster for me. They leave my hair feel greasy and dirty too. Ugh. I think I have low porosity b/c when I let my hair air dry it takes about 4-5 hours to fully dry. I'm always trying to get more volume in my hair, especially at the roots. Since I have a high density my hair starts getting bigger around my ears and expands the rest of the way down, resulting in "pyramid hair." I hate it! Especially now that my hair is shorter, it's more apparent. When it's long I have really flat roots, but at least a little less pyramid looking
Medium texture, normal porosity, normal elasticity