Yossarian, I live in Palm Harbor. It is "considered" to be one of the best communities in this county. I am sure this is a eye opener for a lot of parents who think their children are angels around here.
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Wow, this hits too close to home. Do you have any kids in the school system? I wonder how this incident is being addressed in the classroom (if at all).

This goes back to what was discussed upthread: teaching girls to be more cautious & boys to respect boundaries and basic standards of decency.

This thread has really broken my heart, reading all these traumatic experiences (including yours, juanab) Is the problem getting worse, or is our collective awareness simply higher because of social media? And it seems that many cases that would not have been pursued in the past are now being prosecuted as a result of public pressure.
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My daughter is in college now. When she was in 10th grade, I had to pick her up one day from school for a dental appt. As I pull up to the school, I see TV news vans parked in front of the school, but off the property. As we are leaving, one the reporters asks if she can speak to me and my daughter, I say yes. She proceeds to ask me if I knew that there was a teacher at the school who had been arrested having sex underaged girls and how did I feel about it! The teacher was 23. I was astounded. I explained how I was shocked and saddened and how I had discussion such situations with my daughter but certainly didn't expect for anything like that to happen there. It is touted as one of the "best high schools" in the county. You can bet we had ongoing talks on a weekly basis while she was in attendance there.

I have tried to be protective, but not overly so. I have seen what can happen to children when you foist paranoia on them. I was traumatized, but I didn't want to do that to my daughter.

I have been speaking to my daughter about this thread and what happened in our community. She said to me I would be surprised at the things she heard happened when she was in high school. I believe we are hearing more about these things because of social media. I agree more cases are being prosecuted due to public pressure.

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